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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Мod Money]

The most popular game of RockStarGames. Download GTA to android

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Мod Money] - The most popular game of RockStarGames. Download GTA to android
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Información de modificación

After properly unpacking the /data/ cache in the "Start Game" -> "Load" menu, you will be able to save with a lot of money.
If you don't need them, start a new game.

Qué hay de nuevo

  • Improved support with mode versions of Android;
  • Bugs fixed.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA: SA) - official port the famous multi-platform action game from RockStar.

The fifth installment in the game line is now available for free download on Android!

The game takes place in the criminal neighborhoods of Califoia in 1992 - It's high time for crime. The main character (Carl Johnson, aka CJ) arrives in Los Santos for his mother's funeral. At the cemetery, he meets his relatives and old friends, who are soon attacked by the local Mexican gang Ballas. After this incident, CJ begins to slowly join the criminal life of his friends and again becomes a member of the Groove Street gang. The main task of the game is to retu the territories that previously belonged to your gang and, contrary to prohibitions, marry Kendl, who, in tu, is engaged to the head of the Mexican gang, which she herself is not happy with.

As in the console/tabletop versions, the game is played in a third person, i.e. we see the character from the side. Action combines action and car simulator. The player is provided with a world open for study and travel, consisting of three cities, with a total area of 36 sq. km. For movement, you can use completely different vehicles: bicycles, motorcycles, cars and trucks, tanks, helicopters, boats and others. At what you can take possession of them as you like - did you like the car at the traffic lights? You are a gangster, do not be shy - throw out the driver and drive wherever you want. 

In the game, you will often have to deal with organized crime and the police. If you can deal with the former roughly (using an impressive arsenal of melee and firearms), then it is better to hide from the latter, otherwise helicopters and special forces units may be sent for you. 

The main difference is GTA from other action games - freedom of action. You can go through story missions full of cutscenes and dialogues, or you can engage in lawlessness in between, rob, kill, blow up and even go to various establishments: hairdressers, gyms, strip clubs, shops. The game has a whole ton of different items of clothing, accessories and hairstyles. You can also control the physique of your hero - in a word, make him unique.

A lot can be said about this game, but it hardly needs to be introduced. And if you haven't played it yet, we recommend download GTA San Andreas for Android absolutely free.

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Cómo instalar Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Мod Money]

Para instalar este archivo, necesita de 3.72GB a 4.64GB espacio libre en su dispositivo. este ensamblado contiene una memoria caché integrada. Si tiene problemas con la instalación, abra el instalador (archivo apk descargado) con el archivador, vaya a la carpeta de activos y lea las instrucciones en readme.txt, la instalación manual del juego se describirá paso a paso.

Como actualizar Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [Мod Money]

  1. Para actualizar la aplicación, instale la nueva versión de la aplicación sobre (sin eliminar) la anterior.
  2. Esta actualización solo será posible si descargamos la versión anterior de la aplicación. De lo contrario, habrá un conflicto de firmas y verá el mensaje "Aplicación no instalada".
  3. Para saber qué son las "Firmas" y para qué sirven, lea aquí.
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