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Command and Conquer Red Alert [PS1]

Capture Europe or leave the Red Army

Command and Conquer Red Alert [PS1] - Capture Europe or leave the Red Army
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Command and Conquer Red Alert - real-time strategy.
After the Second World War, the world could not recover for many years. The great scientist Albert Einstein had found a way out - he created a time machine, called "chronosphere," and went back to the past. By eliminating Hitler, he hoped to prevent a large-scale war and it happened in part. Since Germany has lost a leader, it does not really started the war, but instead went to the post of the tyrant Stalin. Together with its vast Red Army, he decides to take over Europe, while Alliance (America and European countries) are trying to stop him. The player can choose one of the two warring sides and try to bring warlords plans.
Compared to other games of that time Red Alert strongly identifies. He has a user interface, a good balance of power, developed tactical skills and a wide variety of units. At that time, as in other real-time strategy, you will simply save the firepower and send the army into the enemy base, it is worth analyzing the enemy and his troops. Infantry, for example, destroys the great grenade and presses weight, while the tanks are straightened with good buildings and pillboxes, but weak in front of the soldiers. Also, together with ground battles we expect sea battles and air battles!

Android OS
Open GL
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Android TV
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Como actualizar Command and Conquer Red Alert [PS1]

Como actualizar Command and Conquer Red Alert [PS1]

  1. Para actualizar la aplicación, instale la nueva versión de la aplicación sobre (sin eliminar) la anterior.
  2. Esta actualización solo será posible si descargamos la versión anterior de la aplicación. De lo contrario, habrá un conflicto de firmas y verá el mensaje "Aplicación no instalada".
  3. Para saber qué son las "Firmas" y para qué sirven, lea aquí.

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