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The most famous fighting game from EA! Fights without rules. UFC on android

EA SPORTS UFC® - The most famous fighting game from EA! Fights without rules. UFC on android
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UFC is a three-dimensional martial arts simulator from Electronic Arts.

Perhaps the most famous and popular fighting game on the game consoles got on android! Take part in fierce battles in closed arenas, without rules, without pain, without mercy. Only your skills and will to win matters! Rise on the career ladder and get rid of all opponents from all 4 weight categories. More than 70 fighters, a system of improvements and achievements, unique techniques, parterre - all that we have been waiting for.

From the first minutes the game will teach you the basics of management, which, incidentally, is very simple, despite the huge number of opportunities. Pleases a huge number of skills and techniques - you can not only beat the opponent on the head and the body with different strokes, but also enter the stalls and conduct painful techniques and super attacks. But for all that, you need to recharge your energy, attacking the enemy with usual attacks. The game is in Russian, which means that it will not be difficult to understand the game.

It was not without the role component. Each fighter can be trained and improved, pumping skills in the rack and the stalls. From the counter you can deal crushing blows or carry out a grip from which you will enter the pit. In the stalls you can also hit, and also perform a painful reception that allows you to quickly achieve victory. The game is worthy of attention, if only because it is performed at the level with the console version, has excellent realistic graphics and animation, excellent combat mechanics and great capabilities. Download UFC on android you can absolutely free - enjoy with us.

The game requires an inteet connection.
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Package namecom.ea.game.easportsufc_row
Разработчикelectronic arts

Cómo instalar EA SPORTS UFC®

Para instalar este archivo, necesita de 1.9 Gb a 2.38 Gb espacio libre en su dispositivo. este ensamblado contiene una memoria caché integrada. Si tiene problemas con la instalación, abra el instalador (archivo apk descargado) con el archivador, vaya a la carpeta de activos y lea las instrucciones en readme.txt, la instalación manual del juego se describirá paso a paso.

Como actualizar EA SPORTS UFC®

  1. Para actualizar la aplicación, instale la nueva versión de la aplicación sobre (sin eliminar) la anterior.
  2. Esta actualización solo será posible si descargamos la versión anterior de la aplicación. De lo contrario, habrá un conflicto de firmas y verá el mensaje "Aplicación no instalada".
  3. Para saber qué son las "Firmas" y para qué sirven, lea aquí.

Descargar EA SPORTS UFC®

EA SPORTS UFC® 1.9.3786573
973.1 Mb
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